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JUL 22, 2:00 PM

iPan european Political Online Party for the United States and Kingdoms of Europe has web, G+, Facebook and Twitter. Being the FisrtPan European Political Party of Citizens for all U.S.E / U.S.K.E.

JUN 23, 06:00 AM

At Valencia, Spain, it decided to collaborate with all existings European Movements for go on building Europe in Honour Jo & others anonymous strivers.

JUN 22, 8:00 PM

Populits Brexit Wins when Jo Cox would be 42 year old.

JUN 16, 13:00 PM

Jo Cox Lies Dead at Birstall. R.I.P.


SEP 2, 9:00 PM

Presentation of Party ByLaws at European Parlamient.

JUN 16, 7:00 AM

First National Congress at London.

MAY 9, 11:00 AM

"Let's walk with our neighbors"

MAY 11, 2:00 PM

Kickoff Sunday

MAY 11, 5:00 PM

Community Coffee

MAY 13, 1:00 PM

League of European Women

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