© 2022 by iPan ePop Party. Proudly striving for United States & Kingdoms of Europa.

iPan ePop for

United States & Kingdoms of Europe


United Kingdoms & States of Europe 

U.S.K.E / U.K.S.E

Names doesn't mind so much, but

Reality mind too much!!!



We are working.   Soon it'd be Complete!!!

Europe & European Global Future

is in danger, not only at Risk, due to

Post- World Finanacial Crisis Fear.

Populist & Demagogic Movements for benefit of Mr. Kites and themselves, are taking advantages blaming Europe and

trample Her Democratic Institutions.

What we do say: No She Don´t.

Europa is not Guilty for Crisis nor Fear, Europa is victim & solution for Fear.

Can't you see it?


At Brexit, At Catalonia, At Greece and

at each poor degrading opportunity,

Populist & Demagogic Movements,  being for only benefit of themselves,

no worry how much Pain may cause,

they push away to nowhere place that they don't mind where is,

choosing superated last choices.

Where we do go: to U.K.S.E.

United State & Kingdoms of Europa or

United Kingdoms & States of Europa,

and this Common Place

is not behind, is ahead. Let's Go Ahead!!!

Don't You know it's gonna be all Right!


People that dreamt, and dream, being not slept, in a better world!!!

You may say we are a dreamer...

Say it!!!

Man gets possible trying impossible,

It always so!!!

Our impossible is the Constitution of a Federal Republic of States and Kingdoms of Europe, where each people is a equal vote. Where Parliament is only legislative source for european affairs, and there are a executive office lead by  an elected president and elected King or Queen!!!

2018 Campaign

Be at Europa to be Europa.

Striving for


United States & Kingdoms of Europa

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