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We lead others to do what they do better. 

We help them to discriminate all noise that stops motion, that dispels from the right way.

We see blockage that make you brake. We are to serve.

We get you to start again. Temet Nosce is now Build up yourself each and every day!

Strategy & Organization


Stop & look inside!

Do you know where you are going?

If you don't know, all path drives you to there.

So, if you want to know where you will finish, you will have to choice and answer the greatest question...

What place do I love to go to really? 

Self Development


This is the one and only choice, where do you want to go to. This is the greatest answer to Life, Universe & All. After it, Huge Via opens itself to you and you don't have to choice anymore, then just only walk the path to your answer!!!



Our actual context is the easier than never Humankind would have. Life wasn't never no bed of roses!!!

No Never Beauty & Pins!

​Self Management


Enjoy living up & down, no fear, be fair, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Universe is unfolding as she must.

You are her carest child, you have a right to be here as all of us.



We maintain: Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any coactive religion or sect. You only can learn of yourself. So you have to build up yourself. That is "temet nosce", "Gnothi Seauton"... It's so new as so old!!! Γνώθι Σαυτόν

​Strategic Mindfulness

Rebuild yourself again is stop your confused mind and put it again on the path. It’s easy. Just click reset button and you´ll can start.

Appease you soul. Meditation, Concentration, Effort, Mindfulness. Right View, Right Aspiration, Right Speech, Right Action. New Beware, New Behaviour.

Face future, Learn from past, Live Present. Feel free to imagine.

Read Again. Philosophy, Religion, Classics, Newest.

​Self Branding


Brand on you your new yourself!!! 

Act as you must,  Don't make it thinking about get fruits or avoid unpleasant. This is a great truth, face the rocks on the road.

If you see an intelligent man who tells you where true treasures are to be found, who shows what is to be avoided, and administers reproofs, follow that wise man; it will be better, not worse, for those who follow him.


Those whose mind is well grounded in the elements of knowledge, who without clinging to anything, rejoice in freedom from attachment, whose appetites have been conquered, and who are full of light, are free (even) in this world.

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